Baar Baar Dekho – Movie Review

Spoiler Alert!

Honestly, you would rather read for two minutes than watch!

Rating: 2/5

katrina_kaifs_baar_baar_dekhoI had watched the trailer of this movie, during the screening of another movie. It seemed to be another of those typical Bollywood movies with a happy-go-lucky, crazy girl; smitten boy; fun; frolic; disputes; solutions and a happily ever after ending. Come to think of it, I wish it was that.

This story, however, is about two people, Diya Kapoor (DK) – a rich, pampered, daddy’s little girl who is not a snob for a change and Jai Varma – a math geek from a not-so-rich family whose aim in life is to teach at Harvard. The two are childhood friends, who as expected become childhood sweethearts and continue the relationship until she proposes marriage. Although Jai agrees, he has terrible cold feet as he believes 21.something percentage of couples have a divorce.  A day before the wedding, he has a heated argument with DK stating that everything is always about her and how he wishes to pursue his career by accepting Cambridge University’s offer as an Assistant Professor and move out of India. After DK storms out, he opens a bottle of champagne, gets sloshed and passes out.

Next morning when he opens his eyes, guess what, he has magically time travelled by ten days, to his honeymoon in Thailand! Although he has not figured what happened, he has a good day with DK. Next morning he travels 2 years ahead to when DK is in labour. They have moved to Cambridge and she despises the place. He does not know the routes, gets snapped at by the hormonal wife but all is fine, she has a baby boy who they name Arjun. Again when he wakes up, he has travelled by 20 years to an excessively technology savvy world and on this day DK and he have a divorce. He cannot seem to comprehend the reason for a divorce, begs DK to stay but nothing works. His son, Arjun, looked like a mess with ugly blue and silver-grey hair and definitely sets an example of bad parenting. He keeps pondering over what could be the reason for divorce and falls asleep. He then wakes up, the next morning, going back ten years, to what could have been the start of his extra marital affair but he stops himself and feels accomplished for having set his life straight and fixing everything. In this confusion of finding the reason and fixing it, he misses DK’s Art exhibition and Arjun’s soccer game. He goes to bed peacefully thinking everything has been set right. However, when he wakes up he has travelled by another 20 years to his mother’s funeral. He learns that DK, now a famous artist, has married Nikhil, owner of the art studio she exhibited at because he was never there for her or the kids. Jai begs God to send him back so that he can fix everything.

Magically, he is blessed with a second opportunity and he goes back in time to the day DK’s art exhibition was scheduled. He starts committing the same mistakes but then learns to take things one moment at a time and does everything right. Attends soccer, takes DK to the exhibition, fixes the marital relationship of the woman with whom he would have had the affair, has a surprise party for DK, shows her her new studio – an old room converted into a studio, cherishes time with the happy family and drowns himself in Red-Bull trying to stay awake. That does not happen and he falls asleep and finally wakes up to the morning after the fight! Ecstatic to be back, he apologizes to DK and they get married wearing Kaala Chasma.

Irrespective of how annoying or head-ache triggering this movie was, I realised that they had two good lessons required for all of us. 1. Live in the present and 2. Cherish the people in your life. Cherish the small pieces of puzzle instead of always worrying of the big picture. The big picture is what most of us, including me, worry about. However, while running in the rat race trying to get there, we miss out on a lot of beautiful moments. We snap at family, friends, and partner merely because we had a bad day at work. We vent out at them forgetting how they, themselves, have probably had a bad day and probably need our comforting which was why they approached us in the first place. We take our loved ones for granted, always snapping, and always screaming. This causes pain, not just to them but us after a while. You never know how long any of them would be around, life is unpredictable. In such situations, I am certain that you do not want to carry a life-long baggage of having hurt someone and getting stuck in a situation where you cannot apologise. Let us not forget that we cannot time travel. Statistics says that we are always 1/3rd second in the past. Always worrying of the past or always worrying about the future. Always stressing. This affects US! We age faster, affect the flow of our breath and cause our cells to improperly function and cause illness. So let it go, live in the present. Stop by to smell that roadside flower. Stop and listen to your screaming child. He probably is dying to impress you and hear some praises merely to make you happy and proud. Bend down and play with your dog, he has been alone all day. Stop getting frustrated early in the morning because of the traffic. Look around while at the signal, there are so many people, someone is bound to do something funny. Stop fussing about getting to work late. Work happens, day in and day out. Do not worry about deadlines. The less you worry and panic, the more is your productivity.  It is your life. Yours, alone! If not you, your office would find another person in a day or two. Same way, there are plenty of other offices. Unhappy here – move out! Your unhappy life would hardly matter to your bosses, so why be unhappy? Do not let the external stress get to you. Smile. Learn to radiate happiness. It is your choice. Do things that make you happy. Stop running, look around. LIVE!!